Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association
2023 State Tournament Pairings/Results

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Squirt 10U 1A
Squirt 10U 1B
Squirt 10U 1C
Squirt 10U 1C2
Squirt 10U 2A
Squirt 10U 2B
Squirt 10U 2C
Squirt 10U 3A
Squirt 10U 3B
Squirt 10U 4A
Pee Wee 12U 1A
Pee Wee 12U 1B
Pee Wee 12U 1C
Pee Wee 12U 1C2
Pee Wee 12U 2A
Pee Wee 12U 2B
Pee Wee 12U 2C
Pee Wee 12U 3A
Pee Wee 12U 3B
Pee Wee 12U 4A
Bantam 14U 1A
Bantam 14U 1B
Bantam 14U 1C
Bantam 14U 2A
Bantam 14U 2B
Bantam 14U 3A
Bantam 14U 4A
Girls 10U A
Girls 10U B
Girls 12U A
Girls 12U B
Girls 14U A
Girls 14U B

Midget 18U

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