Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association, Inc.

 Application to Host a State Tournament
Squirts, Bantams, Girls U10, Girls U14 - March 6-7, 2021
Pee Wees, Girls U12, Girls U19 - March 13-14, 2021

Fee - $100.00
(Must be paid online using a credit card)

 For Year:   2021   2022   2023

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                                            Note: A maximum of 4 bids per association only!

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Requirements for Hosting State Tournaments

    1. Agree to report results of games (after each game preferably) by the end of each day of the tournament and the results of ALL games by midnight of the last day of the tournament.

    2. Agree to abide by all WAHA tournament rules and regulations, including WAHA Officiating Guidelines and standard admission fee, if one is charged.

    3. Agree to WAHA Tournament Merchandise Policy.

    4. Agree to furnish the name of the Tournament Director prior the December 15.

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